Tuesday, March 12, 2013

USDAA Title Spreadsheet - Updated

I've updated the title spreadsheet to include Masters Challenge classes and Diamond LAA.  Downloadable HERE.


Cherri said...

I was bored and looking thru tons of agility stuff and ran across your blog. I so enjoyed reading your entry about working agility trials. I too hate being free labor for clubs and I never win at the worker raffles.
My health is not great so I started asking my husband to come along and work. They work him to death. Recently at a trial it was suggested I get off my behind and help, I stated my husband had built 13 courses yesterday and most likely that many today, help the club unload equipment after we drove 7 hours to get to their trial.
Not sure any other sport requires so much volunteering, nor do I think any other sport requires so much time for two minutes in the ring. Solution not sure there is one. Great job on your blog.