Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Done with AKC

Since my kind are not allowed at a large, local AKC event, I'm done with AKC agility. Completely done. AKC Canine Partners is a waste of $35.

My letter:

There are really not that many mixed breeds that participate in AKC. From what I understood, AKC invited the mixed breeds in part to prove that AKC dogs are superior athletes and to encourage people like me to buy an AKC dog. Seems to me like a large dog show like the Fiesta Cluster would be the perfect place to drive this point home to people like me.

I will be withdrawing from Wags and not entering future AKC events. When my participation is limited because of those that have contempt for my dogs, then I will take my money elsewhere. And trust me, I've overheard those people who think that mixed breed participation is a "travesty", have had gate stewards snarl about being unable to recognize a mixed breed, and received glares because of what is attached at the end of my leashes. At the end of my leashes are two dogs that have champion titles in USDAA and are both Top Ten dogs.

Also, the AKC website shows that CSMSC is not mixed-friendly, but that Scottsdale Dog (2 days of Fiesta Cluster) is. It's pretty bad when an organization that supposedly welcomes you does not maintain an accurate event calendar so that the lowlife Canine Partners can plan how they spend their agility money.