Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Time to move on

I've been training at the same place for years. I've been there longer than any other agility student, and all the agility instructors. I do not expect special treatment. I do, however, expect to be treated the same as the others.

I am not returning to classes with Boo, as I feel there is inadequate instruction. This is a beginner level class, and feel that the class shouldn't be "follow the numbers" and "That's nice." One should get instruction, like "Try this."

My class with Bug has turned interesting, as my instructor is no longer speaking to me. Other dog/handler teams last night received, "Good Job!"s.

My older dog, Scout, earned her PDCH-Platinum a few weekends ago. There is usually a big celebration in class, even though she no longer attends. Zilch.

I have a theory on WHY this is going on, but can't substantiate it yet. If it is true, it's most pathetic that a person takes directives from someone else about to whom he/she may speak and behave.


Amy said...

"class shouldn't be "follow the numbers" and "That's nice." One should get instruction, like "Try this.""

This is exactly why I stopped training where I used to go. Basically just paying for run-throughs...sometimes the instructor too busy talking with friends to even watch... :-(

Barb said...

I left a knowledgeable trainer becuase I only got help if I demanded it. I started trying to figure it out - watching her revealed she spent her energy and knowledge almost exclusively on the athletic handlers and high drive dogs. I was pretty much ignored after the first month (was there more than a year). Now I'm with a great instructor who can work with my physical limitations and my worderful terrier rescues. She is a REAL teacher; I've learned more in 8 wks than I did in over a year with the other trainer.

AgilityEngineer said...

@Amy and @Unknown: Good for you two. I took a private lesson, and was like, "Wow!" I can't believe how long I have been allowed to miscue my dog.