Sunday, December 21, 2008

General Rules for a Successful, Strategic Run

Each dog is different. When you get to choose your own course, it should be fun for the dog. Unless you are training something, avoid your dog’s weaker obstacles. Scout isn’t the speediest weaver, so if we don’t need to do them, we don’t.

  1. Highlight your dog’s assets. If your dog loves tunnels and contacts, select a course around that.
  2. Flow is key. Back-to-back obstacles can be demoralizing and actually slows the dog down. Wrap the dog around a jump before sending him up the A-Frame again.
  3. Run with your dog. If you’re not running, then why should your dog?

With an older dog, I do not recommend back-to-back obstacles. Ever. You risk injury to your dog with the sudden stop, 180 turn, and the need to accelerate again. This is the voice of experience.