Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dear Clean Run

The following is my letter to the editor of Clean Run regarding someone's letter.

Dear Clean Run,

I did take offense to seeing a breeder advertisement in Clean Run. Regardless of how accomplished and/or responsible the breeder is, Clean Run is NOT a purebred-only and breeding publication. If I want to see breeder ads, I can subscribe to AKC publications.

However, what I found more offensive are the rebuttal letters, namely So-and-So's comment regarding rescue dogs, “However many do it while suffering through health and structure problems.” Where are the numbers that back up this claim?

I never knew that all three of my rescue dogs (and mixes at that) are suffering health problems, while all those well-bred purebred dogs are not. There are plenty of “reputable” breeders breeding dogs with seizures, dogs unable to jump, luxating patellas, among other physical issues. I can name these dogs.

I have yet to meet a rescue dog that is one of these “many” unfortunate dogs mentioned. I do have a rescue with a collapsed trachea. That’s not poor breeding – that’s poor care before I got him. The other two are very healthy, including an 11.5 year-old who can still compete.

I am disgusted with the amount of pure hatred people have towards rescue dogs. I terminated a friendship when one person said, “All rescue dogs should be euthanized.”

Please cease perpetuating the rescue dog myths.

What I did glean from the letter writer is that she bought a dog from a backyard breeder (BYB), and had to retire the dog early due to physical problems. Here's what I don't get: How is this a rescue dog? You paid a shitload of money to "rescue" a puppy from a backyard. If your issue is with BYBs not giving a crap about the health of a dog, then say that! Don't lump all rescues in your diatribe. Dogs from reputable breeders end up with a rescue group or in the pound as well.