Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I Got My First Puppy. What Was I Thinking?

My 40th birthday present to myself:  Puppy! 

She looks really sweet, and, for the most part she is.   Until...

We put holes in clothing.

We get stuck under nightstands.

We refuse to get out of the dishwasher, regardless if the dishes are clean or dirty.

Need a paper shredder?  Toilet paper, envelopes, paper towels.  You name it.

We dumpster dive.

We hate dryer sheets...

And door trim...

And wood...

And tree roots... (from a tree that I removed)

And Lantana with red flowers (purple, yellow, and orange are okay).

She is an expert counter surfer.

Don't get me wrong, I love this dog.  However, getting a puppy has made me appreciate my rescues even more.  Someone dumped my other dogs AFTER they got through all the crap I chronicled above - when they were just right.  AND they were, for the most part, house-trained.



Steve said...

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andrea said...

very funny take on starting a puppy :D